More Class Celebrations

Red Class Celebrations

Toby's Nature Art Work

Well done Toby!

Toby's Science Experiment

Great work Toby!

Amelia's Letter From Mr Rat

What a fab letter Amelia - well done!

Amelia's Shape Work

Lovely shape work Amelia!

Esme's Home Learning Week 6

Fantastic work Esme!

Joel's Letter From Mr Rat

A super letter Joel - well done!

Esme's Stick Man and Writing

Well done Esme! This is super work.

Ella's 'Stick Mum' and Writing

It looks like you have had lots of fun making your 'Stick Mum' Ella! It's great!

Isla's Stick Lady and Writing

This is fab Isla - well done!

Toby's Alton Towers Ride

Wow, this is super Toby!

Esme's Monster House Made From Different Shapes

Wow Esme - this is very creative!

Joel's Beast Description

Well done Joel!

Joel's Stick Man

Fantastic Joel!

Yellow Class Celebrations

Jacob's Leaf Print Art Work and Slimy Science Experiment

This is fantastic Jacob - Super work!

Jonathan's Leaf Print Art Work

Lovely work Jonathan!

Maison's 3D Shape Made From Cereal Boxes

Very creative Maison - well done!

Luna's News!

A huge well done to Luna, who has learned to ride her bike without stabilisers. Amazing!

Luna's Symmetry Work

Super work Luna!

Jacob's Mini Beast Sculptures

These are brilliant Jacob - well done!

Jonathan's Stained Glass Window Art

This is lovely Jonathan!

Jacob's 'Summer Time' Acrostic Poem

What a fantastic poem Jacob - great work!

Jonathan's Magnificent Mini Beast

Wow this is brilliant Jonathan - well done!

Jonathan's Statistics Fun

Well done!

Green Class Celebrations

Tyler's Home Learning

Super work Tyler!

Libby's Lovely Letter To Her New Teachers

Thank you Libby - this is fantastic!

Libby's Reading Comprehension

Wow Libby, you have shown your brilliant inference skills - well done!

Indigo Class Celebrations

Ellie's VE Day Celebrations

It looks like you had fun Ellie!

'Sweet Spring' Poem by Bella Jones

A beautiful Spring poem - well done Bella!

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Zak's WW2 Work

This is super work Zak - well done!

Riley's WW2 Timeline Poster

This is fab Riley - great work!

Luna's WW2 Blitz Skyline Art Work

Brilliant Luna!

Megan's WW2 Blitz Skyline Art Work

This is super Megan!

Chloe's Letter to The Beast

Wow Chloe - this is an amazing letter!

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Violet Class Celebrations

Millie's Spring Poem

What a lovely poem Millie!

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