Trust Board

Members: Peter Chell, Rev. Nicky Grey, Kay Hulse, John Ratcliffe.

Trustees: Nick Chesters (Chair), Lee Yates  (Vice Chair), Jared Eccles (Executive Principal/ Chief Executive Officer), Marie Bateman, A. Brayford (Staff Trustee), Benjamin Fabi, Kay Hulse, Sean Langridge, Fraser Martin, Jane McFarlane, John Ratcliffe (Chair - Human Resources and Finance Committee), Rev. Sue Symons (Chair - Pupil Welfare, Learning and Achievement Committee), Louise Wainwright.


Executive Principal: Mr J. Eccles NLE (National Leader of Education), NPQH

Trust Principal: Mr A. Brayford NPQH

School Leaders: Mr B. Adamson, Miss N. Ainsworth, Mr A. Brayford NPQH, Mr C. Broome, Miss A. Kirk

Miss L. Keeling NPQH (Assistant School Leader – St. Werburgh’s C.E. Primary)

Mrs H. Bloor (Assistant School Leader – St. Werburgh’s C.E. Primary)

Mrs R. Roberts (Early Years Foundation Stage/ Key Stage 1 Leader – Great Wood Primary)

Mrs J. Hill (Senior Leader - Bishop Rawle C.E. Primary)


Trust Business Manager: Mrs S. Carr

Trust Deputy Business Manager: Mrs M. Eyden


Trust Curriculum Leadership Roles

Trust English/Literacy Leader: Miss L. Keeling NPQH

Trust Mathematics Leader:   Mrs H. Bloor

Trust Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SENDs) Leader:   Mr B. Adamson

Trust R.E and Collective Worship Leader:  Mrs N. Shaw and Mr C. Casey

Trust Early Years Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs J. Hill

Trust Reading Leader: Mrs R. Roberts

Trust Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) Leader: Mrs C. Bould

Trust P.E. Leader:  Mrs L. Proctor

Trust Science Leaders: Mr J. Eccles NLE, NPQH; Miss A. Kirk; and Miss C. Hickman


Other Trust Leadership Roles

Trust Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Leader:  Miss N. Ainsworth
Trust Educational Visits Co-ordinator: Mr C. Broome


National Leader of Education
Mr J. Eccles

Specialist Leaders of Education
Miss N. Ainsworth - Early Years and Foundation Stage
Mrs H. Bloor - Mathematics
Mrs C. Bould - English
Miss A. Kirk - SEND