To continue to support a number of our wonderful families, we are pleased to signpost you towards the Ofcom website who are providing details of ways in which some families may be entitled to reduced prices for their broadband and phone.

Ofcom state:
“Social tariffs are cheaper broadband and phone packages for people claiming Universal Credit, Pension Credit and some other benefits. Some providers call them ‘essential’ or ‘basic’ broadband.

They’re delivered in the same way as normal packages, just at a lower price. Amid rising living costs, Ofcom is encouraging companies to offer social tariffs to help customers on low incomes.”

For further information, to check your eligibility, and to see if this is right for you, please follow this link to the Ofcom website.



Last week, we all received the sad news of the passing of our dear and wonderful Queen Elizabeth II.

We are sure that many of you will have been following the events of the past few days as the nation, Commonwealth, and world prepare to say goodbye to a truly remarkable lady who has impacted upon – and been a constant within - all of our lives.

Over the weekend, it was announced that the funeral of Queen Elizabeth will take place on Monday 19th September and it was announced by King Charles III that this day will be a Bank Holiday.

As a mark of respect for our much-loved Queen, all of the schools within The Moorlands Primary Federation will be closed on Monday 19th September. This will enable families of pupils and staff alike to be together and watch the historic, yet sad event of the funeral of a reigning monarch. An event many of us will never have seen before in our lifetime.

Within our Trust which contains five faith schools, we also mourn the loss of the Head of the Church of England and the Defender of the Faith.

Last week, each school remembered The Queen, and will continue to do so with the children. Our websites also reflect this sad loss.

Preparing to say goodbye, it has been warming to hear so many stories of the extraordinary work of The Queen during the 70 years of her reign, and to hear of her sense of humour, humility and care. The service which she has given to us, as Queen, has never been equalled in our nation and may never be repeated.

Although we welcome King Charles III to the throne, and many of us would have seen the proclamation of his accession on TV, or even in local cities or towns this weekend, we continue to remember The Queen in this period of national mourning.

As a Trust, we continue to send the love, thoughts and prayers to King Charles III and his family at this time of such sadness.

God Bless The Queen




We join the rest of the nation, Commonwealth and wider world in mourning the remarkable Queen Elizabeth II who sadly passed away on Thursday 8th September.

Queen Elizabeth has been part of all of our lives for 70 years, and in addition to being the longest reigning monarch to have served our country, she has also provided care, strength and hope in times of worry.

Her loss leaves us all feeling sad and marks a special time in the history of our nation.

As a Trust of many proud Church schools, we also mourn the passing of the Head of the Church of England and a lady with such incredible Christian faith.

We remember Her Majesty with the utmost fondness, admiration, and affection and send the very best wishes, love, thoughts and prayers to King Charles III and his family.

We may feel sad that she has passed, but as a school and Trust family, we celebrate in the memories which she leaves, the example of humility which she set, and the 70 years dedicated to serving the nation she so loved.

God Bless The Queen.



In May 2022, Dilhorne Endowed C.E. Primary School welcomed Ofsted to the school, and received a ‘Good’ judgement overall, with two elements receiving their highest grade of ‘Outstanding’.

Inspectors spent two days at the school, meeting with parents, Trustees, leaders from school and The Moorlands Primary Federation, staff and children.

The report said that ‘Behaviour and Attitudes’ and ‘Early Years Provision’ are Outstanding. ‘The Quality of Education’, ‘Personal Development’ and ‘Leadership and Management’ each received a brilliant judgement of Good, which was also the overall judgement of the school.

The result represents a highly positive journey since the last report in June 2018, where the school was judged as Requiring Improvement. 

Chief Executive Officer of TMPF and Executive Principal, Jared Eccles, commented, “We are thrilled with Ofsted’s decision. The children highlighted how fabulous they are throughout the visit – which took place during the Key Stage 2 SATs week! The parents and carers have played a significant part on our road to this judgement, in the way that they have supported their children and their school. The different Trustees involved with the school have also fulfilled an important role in this success and we appreciate and value their time and commitment.

"Across TMPF, we work closely as a team, and over the past few years, it has been lovely to see the support from colleagues within our family of schools which has been given to one another, and this outcome reflects the value of that.”


On 1st June 2022, Hollinsclough C.E. Primary (Warslow) and Manifold C.E. Primary (Hollinsclough) transferred from The Praxis Trust to The Moorlands Primary Federation (TMPF). Therefore, TMPF now comprises of seven schools.

At the heart of all TMPF decisions are our children. Bringing children together to enrich their education is important to our organisation. For example, this term, all of the Year 6 children from five of our schools (pre the new schools joining) enjoyed a residential trip to an Outdoor Education Centre. Within TMPF, we enjoy holding events whereby children joining with one another for exciting learning opportunities in English and Maths, to play sport, or for the performing arts. During one of the periods of the pandemic, our eldest pupils even met remotely for a Christmas Quiz! Our staff work together (which will extend to our colleagues in the new schools), and we often experience continued professional development together and meet in teams to share expertise and initiatives and to continue to develop the curriculum.

The Moorlands Primary Federation are happy to welcome the children, parents/carers, staff and friends of Hollinsclough C E Primary and Manifold C E Primary into the Trust and look forward to building new friendships.


The Moorlands Primary Federation were delighted to receive two 'Good' judgements from Ofsted in February 2022.

Both Bishop Rawle C.E. Primary and Great Wood Primary were both inspected (on the same day!) and following the hard work from staff in the schools and across TMPF, the support of parents/carers and wider family members, and of course the brilliance of the children, Her Majesty's Inspectors decided that both school provide a good education for their children.

The judgement for Bishop Rawle C.E. Primary marks a brilliant journey following a judgement of 'inadequate' in 2015 and the subsequent joining of The Moorlands Primary Federation (TMPF) in 2017 as a sponsored academy. 

Great Wood Primary maintained their 'Good' status, following their previous inspection in November 2015 and having worked with TMPF since January 2015.

Chief Executive Officer, Jared Eccles, "We are delighted that Ofsted saw what wonderful schools and what wonderful pupils we have within The Moorlands Primary Federation. The inspectors were very fair and saw the talent of the staff from within each school and across the whole Trust; the commitment and skills of the Trust Board; the support of the parents, carers and wider family members; and of course the fantastic pupils we enjoy working with each day." 


Trust Mindful Peace Friendship