Coming to school means that we can learn lots of new and exciting things!

School attendance and lateness is closely monitored to ensure that children have the best opportunity to learn.

This page will keep you updated on attendance and we thank you for helping to keep this number nice and high!

Our latest attendance figures will be published here...can we beat it every week (or match it, if it is 100%!)?

School attendance for the week ending 1 March 2019

Red Class:            96.1% - Well done, Reds!
Yellow Class:        93% - Come on, Yellows!
Green Class:         91.7%  - Can we take this higher next week, Greens?
Blue Class:            92.2% - Let's improve this next week, Blues.
Indigo Class:         92.3% - Let's see if we can take this higher, Indigo class.    
Violet Class:          87.9% - Let's be in the 90s next week, Violets.

Let's see if we can all reach a higher percentage next week?