Ofsted say we are GOOD!


Ofsted say we are GOOD!

The entire Bishop Rawle C.E. Primary family are delighted to receive a judgement of 'GOOD' in all areas in our recent Ofsted inspection.

The team were delighted to welcome Ofsted to our lovely school, to look at lots of elements of the school, including: Quality of Education; Behaviour and Attitudes; Personal Development; Leadership and Management; and Early Years. The inspection also took into account the thoughts of children, parents/carers, staff and Trustees. The final judgement of being 'Good' in all areas is something of which the whole school family are extremely proud.

The 'Good' judgement marks a pleasing rise from 2015, when the school was judged as 'inadequate'. Many changes have taken place since then, including the joining of The Moorlands Primary Federation (TMPF) Multi-Academy Trust and therefore working as part of a wider team. Indeed, colleagues from other TMPF schools also met with Ofsted and supported the team at Bishop Rawle C.E. during the inspection, as did several members of the Trust Board.

The staff, parents/carers, family members and friends have each played a part in the school's progression and the school is in an exciting place to continue to go from strength-to-strength.

School Leader, Miss Averil Kirk, who assumed the role in 2019, "We are absolutely thrilled that Ofsted were able to see of the hard work which has gone into the school on its journey over the past few years and thanks go to all of the staff - past and present - who have played a part in this. We also offer huge thanks to the parents/carers, grandparents, aunties, uncles, siblings, friends and wider family members for the role which they have played. Of course, we also thank the amazing children whom we are honoured to have in the Bishop Rawle C.E. family – they bring such joy to their school and deserve such a positive judgement.”

Peace and Friendship.


Peace and Friendship.

The thoughts of the school and TMPF family are sent to all affected by the current conflict in Ukraine.

In school, we pray for – and talk about the importance of - peace and love, and we hope that this conflict can reach a swift and safe resolution and that the communities of the different nations can live and share God’s world in harmony.

As a school, our particular thoughts and prayers are sent to the children of Ukraine and those who either remain in the country, or have become refugees and been warmly welcomed by other nations in an act of care and love. We send our love to them and their family members and friends across the world.

We pray that world leaders can work together to reunite families and help all of the innocent people impacted on by this conflict, and return happiness and safety into their lives.

We live in hope and with faith that good and peace will prevail.

God Bless.

A Prayer for Ukraine.


A Prayer for Ukraine.

A Prayer for Ukraine

God of peace and justice,
We pray for the people of Ukraine today,
We pray for peace and the laying down of weapons,
We pray for all those who fear for tomorrow,
That your spirit of comfort would draw near to them,
We pray for those with power over war or peace,
For wisdom, discernment and compassion
To guide their decisions.
Above all, we pray for all your precious children, at risk and in fear,
That you would hold and protect them.
We pray in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.


Archbishop Justin Welby & Archbishop Stephen Cottrell

Special Anti-Racism Certificate from the Mayor


Special Anti-Racism Certificate from the Mayor

We were delighted to be awarded a special certificate from the Mayor following a whole-school event to support ‘Show Racism the Red Card’- the UK’s largest anti-racism educational charity.

The event was featured in an article in the Cheadle and Tean Times, which led to Sue Walley, Mayor of Cheadle, contacting the school to congratulate them for being part of such a special cause.

The Mayor was particularly proud of a quote made by one of our pupils – Zak – who said: “We are all different and that is amazing. Everyone should be treated with equality.”

The Mayor visited us and presented a certificate to the whole school and a special one for Zak to recognise our involvement in showing racism the red card.

Cheadle Town Tigers U11's Football Team Cheadle Town Tigers U11's Football Team


Cheadle Town Tigers U11's Football Team

We are very proud to be the sponsor of Cheadle Town Tigers U11's football team this season. Not only is it lovely to give something back to our community, it is also pleasing that we have three of our very own Year 6 pupils playing for the team too. 

Deadline for Reception Class Application is Near!


Deadline for Reception Class Application is Near!

The deadline to apply for a place in our Reception Class for September 2022 is approaching fast. 

If you want your child to be part of the Bishop Rawle C.E. Primary School family and begin their school adventure in our loving, caring and proudly Christian school, please click on the link below to submit your choice by 15th January 2022. If you want to find out more about our wonderful school, please call us on 01538 702355 (opt5), or email

To apply for a place for your child, click

Going for GOLD with God.

Reception places for September 2022 Reception places for September 2022


Reception places for September 2022

Come and look around our lovely school and meet our fantastic staff and children! If you are looking for a Reception place for September 2022, come along and find out what makes our school so special. Please contact us on 01538 702355 (option 5) to book a suitable time.
Many thanks and we look forward to meeting you,
The Bishop Rawle Team 🌈
Going for Gold with God 🌈




A LOCAL primary school signed-off the first half of the autumn term with a special day to raise awareness of the anti-racism movement.

Pupils and staff from Bishop Rawle C.E. Primary School in Cheadle, which is part of The Moorlands Primary Federation, took the opportunity to wear red on 22nd October, to support ‘Show Racism the Red Card’- the UK’s largest anti-racism educational charity.

Throughout the day, children took part in many activities to highlight this very important issue in society and also focused learning upon several influential black figures from history, including Dr Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

Olivia (Year 1 School Council representative) said, “We will be nice and kind to everyone we meet and tell people to love, everywhere they go.”

Head Boy and Year 6 pupil, Zak, commented, “We are all different and that is amazing. Everyone should be treated with equality.”

Class teacher, Charlotte Bould, added: “This was a charity we really wanted to be involved with and it was our School Council who decided upon the activities for the day and how we would raise awareness.”

School and Church combine to support Refugees


School and Church combine to support Refugees

Kind-hearted pupils, parents, carers, staff and parish members from a local primary school have raised money for the recent Afghanistan Refugee crisis through a cake sale in school.

Each year, the children at Bishop Rawle C.E. Primary School in Cheadle celebrate Harvest and together with Rev. Nicky Grey, Rector of St Giles the Abbott Church, share songs, artwork, poems and crafts.

This year the school’s Worship Council, made up of children from Reception to Year 6, decided to raise money for ‘Refugee Action’, the UK based charity which supports refugees from all around the world who are seeking a safe place to settle and to live. After recent items within the news, the children chose this current crisis as the focus of their fundraising this year.

Kameel (4), said, “We need to help them (the refugees) and their families because it is a scary time when they leave their home.”

Eleanor (5) added, “The money we raised will buy them the things they really need.”

Jo Hill, school Collective Worship Co-ordinator, added, “The children and families donated cakes which were sold in school, raising £122.60. After sharing the school’s fundraising plans with Reverend Nicky, the church and parishioners also chose to fundraise with us. They raised £250 and together with the school’s amount, we were able to donate a brilliant £372.60 to a very important cause.

“The money raised, along with the children’s work created for their Harvest service which focused upon the true meaning of Harvest, will be sent to Refugee Action.”

Bikeability Bikeability



Last week, the children from Bishop Rawle C.E Primary School, took part in an annual cycling training programme, Bikeability. It is designed to allow children to get more out of the classroom, improving their engagement and attention span. This programme also allows children to learn important life skills; they gain independence, improved social skills and wellbeing.

Children in KS2 completed Level 1 which took place off-road. This allowed the children to confidently control their bikes whilst also being aware of obstacles around them. For those children in Year 6 completing Level 2 of the training, it was a great opportunity to experience ‘real’ cycling whilst understanding and negotiating the road and equipping them with the skills and confidence to safely ride alone.

The children shared their thoughts:

"The experience was amazing. They showed us how to be safe whilst on the roads. When you are turning, you put your hand out for 3 seconds so people know where you are going. If you wanted to participate in Bike ability, you’d have lots of fun! I’d love to do this again in the future." Emily, Year 6.

Sasha, Year 6 also said, "Throughout the whole experience, you are looked after. It teaches you everything you need to know. We now know that an ABC check must be performed in order to see if we are good to go."

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