Best Kept Village


Best Kept Village

To support our lovely community, a number of children have entered a competition for the community-led ‘Best Kept Village’ competition. The themes are ‘Best Kept Village’ and the ‘Queen’s Platinum Jubilee’, and children entered with either a picture or a poem. We all love the villages surrounding our school and enjoy keeping them nice and tidy.

Collecting donations to help those suffering through conflict.


Collecting donations to help those suffering through conflict.

As a school family, we join everyone across the world in sending love to all affected by the current conflict in Ukraine.

To support those whose lives have been impacted upon by the conflict, we are proud to be able to offer families and members of our community a chance to donate goods to those in need.

If you wish to help, we would welcome:
medical supplies (in date), bandages, toiletries, sanitary products, nappies, blankets (clean), tinned food (preferably with a ring pull), dried pasta, and dog and cat food.

Please can any donations arrive in school no later than Thursday 7th April.

Thanks to Leek School of Dance who have very kindly offered to receive these on behalf of Leek and Cheddleton Aid Support for Ukraine.

We have all been touched by the stories reported from the region and by the plight of so many refugees for whom we pray.

At this time, we also reflect upon the final two elements of our Trust values:
Peace and Friendship, and the final part of our school motto: one another.



Scooting Skills Scooting Skills Scooting Skills


Scooting Skills

Several of our classes had a lovely time in a very special scooter lesson on our playground. Led by our friends at ASM, children were taught skills to keep them fit, healthy, and safe whilst scooting around!


Peace and Friendship.


Peace and Friendship.

The thoughts of the school and TMPF family are sent to all affected by the current conflict in Ukraine.

In school, we pray for – and talk about the importance of - peace and love, and we hope that this conflict can reach a swift and safe resolution and that the communities of the different nations can live and share God’s world in harmony.

As a school, our particular thoughts and prayers are sent to the children of Ukraine and those who either remain in the country, or have become refugees and been warmly welcomed by other nations in an act of care and love. We send our love to them and their family members and friends across the world.

We pray that world leaders can work together to reunite families and help all of the innocent people impacted on by this conflict, and return happiness and safety into their lives.

We live in hope and with faith that good and peace will prevail.

God Bless.

…Love one another.

Library Relaunch


Library Relaunch

The children and staff are extremely excited that the school library has been relaunched and librarians appointed to organise books and make recommendations.

The children each get a chance to select a book of their choice from the library boxes for each class and then share their opinions with classmates when they finish the book and return it to swap for another. It has been wonderful to see so much discussion centred around a love for reading.

Many thanks to the generosity of the PTA for a kind donation towards new books.


World Book Day 2022 World Book Day 2022 World Book Day 2022 World Book Day 2022 World Book Day 2022 World Book Day 2022 World Book Day 2022 World Book Day 2022


World Book Day 2022

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, superheroes, Matilda, Dorothy, animals, cats in hats, Gangsta Grannies and many, many more characters (…and even a dictionary!) joined us at St. Werburgh’s today for an amazing celebration of reading to mark ‘World Book Day’ and to relaunch the school library.

It was lovely to see all the children and staff step into the spirit of ‘World Book Day’ and everyone looked wonderful in their ‘alternative school uniform’ for a day of activities focused upon the joy and magic of books.

Classes each enjoyed lots of books and children made their very first choice of book from the school library to take home and enjoy before returning it and swapping for another to let the joy continue.

Reading is such an important part of what we do here at St. Werburgh’s and within our sister schools across The Moorlands Primary Federation. Reading is a genuine pleasure and it opens the door to so many new experiences, so much new learning, and lots and lots of fun!

Children also each received a £1 book voucher to take home which they can spend on a number of newly-launched £1 books, produced especially for today.

Huge thanks to all of the parents/carers, grandparents, great grandparents, friends, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, Godparents and others for your help in making the day so special!

Love to learn, love God, love one another

…and love reading!

A Prayer for Ukraine.


A Prayer for Ukraine.

A Prayer for Ukraine

God of peace and justice,
We pray for the people of Ukraine today,
We pray for peace and the laying down of weapons,
We pray for all those who fear for tomorrow,
That your spirit of comfort would draw near to them,
We pray for those with power over war or peace,
For wisdom, discernment and compassion
To guide their decisions.
Above all, we pray for all your precious children, at risk and in fear,
That you would hold and protect them.
We pray in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.


Archbishop Justin Welby & Archbishop Stephen Cottrell

Resilience Week Resilience Week Resilience Week


Resilience Week

St. Werburgh's is committed to developing children's learning behaviours and to support the young stars in becoming more confident learners, especially when facing new challenges.

As part of our whole-school focus upon developing learning behaviours, we are developing children's understanding of resilience and, as such, are hosting a 'Resilience Week' in school. During the week, each class will be learning a new activity, or meeting a new challenge as a class.

The challenges for each class were revealed in a golden envelope and children and staff each have a week to work towards their new skill.

'Resilience Week' builds upon the success of the recent 'Teamwork Day' and also helps to support children with essential skills which can support their mental wellbeing.

Love to learn, love God, love one another.


Children's Mental Health Week 2022


Children's Mental Health Week 2022

St. Werburgh's C.E. Primary were proud to stage a week-long series of events to support children and raise awareness of ways to stay safe and happy during 'Children's Mental Health Week'.

A number of different events and tasks were enjoyed across the school which introduced the importance of using different ways and different strategies to stay safe, stay happy, take time to relax, and to grow together.

'Growing Together' was the theme of this year's event, which is an important part of our annual school calendar. The week began with a special assembly introduced by 'Blue Peter's' Lindsey Russell, and featuring Oscar-winning actor Olivia Colman and 'Strictly Come Dancing' star, Oti Mabuse.

Children's Mental Health Week also aligns wonderfully with our school focus upon developing children's learning behaviour.  Indeed, Teamwork and Resilience are the two areas covered through special events this half-term and developing these two skills can also help children and staff to look after their own mental wellbeing and that of others.

Supporting mental wellbeing is important and we are delighted that we have three staff trained as 'Mental Health First Aiders'. one another.

Safer Internet Day


Safer Internet Day

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping children safe, and to help children to understand ways to stay safe, we were delighted to celebrate 'Safer Internet Day'.

During 'Children's Mental Health Week', a lot of focus in school has been upon the importance of supporting mental wellbeing: and learning about ways to stay safe online is part of this, especially for our older children.

Starting with a whole-school assembly, 'Safer Internet Day' allowed children to build upon their understanding gained through their Computing lessons where children are taught how they can be safe in an online world. one another.

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